Scrap Car Removal

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Today, more than 95 per cent of all vehicles go through a market-driven recycling infrastructure, with no added cost or tax to customers. More than 75 per cent, by weight, of each end-of-life vehicle (ELV) is recycled.

We deal with cars throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. Our team members are highly qualified, efficient and reliable, and can assist you whenever you need.

Scrap Car Removal

A Scrap Car Removal is a program used to promote the replacement of old vehicles with modern vehicles. Paying cash for cars is part of the vehicle recycling process that dismantles derelict automobiles for spare parts or scrap metal. The exchange of cash for cars has since become a corollary trade in the automotive industry to promote efforts on environmental protection and social responsibility.

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Once we take your Scrap Car the process begins with incoming vehicles being inventoried for parts. Then, recyclers start the engine in order to inspect for leaks. After inventory, fluids are drained and removed. After the fluids are removed, the final remaining hazardous materials such as a battery, mercury, and sodium azide (the propellant used in airbags) are removed. After all of the parts and products inside are removed, the remaining shell of the vehicle is crushed and recycled.